Here’s What Transpires When You Put up About Harry Potter On Facebook Now

It’s the twentieth anniversary of the Harry Potter literary franchise now, and to help you forget about about how old that helps make you sense, Facebook have planted a exciting very little Easter egg on your news feed. 

On this working day, twenty years in the past, J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – or Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for our mates throughout the pond – was posted.

To rejoice, Potter fans will no doubt be putting up on social media still left suitable and centre and, at any time the gauge of pop tradition, Facebook has jumped on the bandwagon.

In homage to the book that purchased us the Hogwarts Specific, Hagrid’s flying bike a two-faced Quirrel and – of program – The Sorting Hat, Facebook has embedded a very little shock into your position updates.

Each time you publish about Harry Potter or Gryffindor – the courageous but IMHO in the long run bland Hogwart’s home – the words will convert purple. Accordingly, compose about Slytherin and they’ll convert environmentally friendly the color of the snake-like people connected with Salazar.

If you are putting up praise for the Hufflepuffs, first and foremost, effectively finished, and secondly, Facebook will convert your sensible words to the color of yellow. And ultimately, the word Ravenclaw will convert iridescent blue.

As if that wasn’t enough magic for our Facebook feed, each and every time you faucet one of the colored in words, a very little bit far more magic occurs.

Glance at this…


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