Here’s Why You are Looking at A Tiny Purple Flower Look On Fb

This strange purple flower emoji has been popping up on Fb and till now, no-one knew why it was there.

You may well have spotted this new emoji and considered it was a very little odd, but now the mystery baffling us for the very last couple times, has eventually been solved.

Tomorrow – Could 14th – is Mother’s Working day for 80 international locations around the world, so Fb has introduced in the flower as a very little celebration to enable mums know they’re being considered of, the Mirror studies.

So when your mum upcoming posts a standing, as an alternative of responding with a ‘happy’ or ‘heart’ emoji, Fb are now offering you the possibility to reply with a flower to display you care. Bit soppy, but it is certainly sweet.

Fb said:

In honour of Mother’s Working day, we are screening the potential for men and women in a couple markets to depart a flower reaction.

Sadly for British-dependent Fb users, the very little flower of really like is sadly not however out there. I suppose this would make perception observed as our Mother’s day has extensive passed, but however, it does really feel like we’re missing out a very little bit.

It would seem Fb users around the world are very easily delighted though and are thrilled they’ve now obtained the flower emoji option to display their mum that added bit of Fb really like.


twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”>

Fb just extra a flower for grateful in the like panel. Marvel what the considered system is for this and when will we get an eggplant? pic.twitter.com/rTN8c0ell9

— Denise Mikaela (@Den_deren_Den) Could twelve, 2017


twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”>

Facebook adds a new reaction button for users. A purple flower emoticon indicates Thankful. Full 7 emoticon on Fb Now. pic.twitter.com/31i3wsHHIX

— Arun Sharma (@arunsharma6) Could twelve, 2017

This may well be a very little cheesy, but it is good to know Fb has considered of our mums at this time of year.

So now when your mum posts a cringe standing declaring her really like for her very little munchkin then you know how to react… And no not with the indignant facial area. Go forth and display your mum some really like.


The Mirror


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