If You’re Alive in 30 Several years, You Might Be Alive In one thousand Several years

This might seem mad, but existence extension is a serious issue and could necessarily mean if you’re alive in 30 several years time, then you could potentially even now be right here in one thousand years…

It seems like something out of a futuristic sci-fi – perhaps a bit like Chris Pratt and JLaw’s new movie Passengers – but in fact existence extension is a pretty serious science and something which is getting labored on suitable now.

In accordance to some researchers, we are but many years absent from moving into the mind-blowing realms of ‘life extension,’ which could modify existence forever…

If Youre Alive in 30 Years, You Might Be Alive In 1000 Years woah gif

It appears to be as individuals we struggle with the principle of our have mortality – which is truthful more than enough as it is a pretty complicated a person to grasp – and are continually on the hunt for approaches in which to surface youthful at the pretty least.

The cabinets of each chemist, pharmacy, natural beauty salon and health and fitness store are crammed whole of solutions proclaiming to aid ‘restore youth’ and get ‘years off’  – a bit like Benjamin Button –  in a bid to fulfill our demand from customers for a piece of ‘youth.’

But until reasonably just lately although, the principle of physically extending your existence has been nothing more than a fleeting believed.

Here’s a reminder from Benjamin Button when Brad creepily goes from an old person to a little one:

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