Knomo Dale Tote Backpack Overview

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The Knomo Dale tote backpack is no normal backpack. It is fashionable, premium and there’s an inbuilt RFID signal blocker lining for security.

I typically struggle to locate a backpack that delivers everything I will need I want anything that will keep my gadgets harmless, but at the exact time demands to look trendy. The Dale is 1 of the most effective on the lookout tote backpacks out there.

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Almost everything about the Dale has been effectively believed by means of in simple fact, let’s crack it all down so you can get a photograph of what I’m talking about here.

Knomo Dale Design, Attributes and Performance:

The Dale is a leather backpack blended with material when most of the back again is leather, the straps and portion of the seize-manage is material with leather to make it comfy and supply a improved grip when carrying it.

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To the eyes, the Dale is a standard backpack right up until you open up it up, but ahead of we get to the inside, there’s a little bit far more on the exterior. You can strap it to your back again, or you can have it employing the manage, and this is quite useful when commuting on a occupied coach and you will need to have it to conserve house.

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On the back again, there’s a house to slide it on your suitcase or hand baggage trolley bar to keep issues in 1 area, specially when travelling for company and you do not will need all the faffing around with various issues in hand – it frees up your hand to reply to email messages.

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What I also like about the key full grain leather ending is that it ages properly about time and in contrast to most leather bags when it receives scratched from the everyday use, it blends in effectively. To keep issues tough, there’s also a PET canvas base and back again.

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The shoulder straps are subtly padded for convenience and can be modified to go well with you. In its place of making the straps long lasting, Knomo has integrated a unique system to make it less difficult to attach/detach in seconds, you can then tuck the straps in if you like or leave it out.

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Going on to theKnomo Dale tote backpack’s inside, you can fit up to a 15″ notebook in there, you can even get two in there if you tried out, which is how roomy it is inside. The brown Knomo Dale tote backpack that we reviewed here has a blue lining inside, and on the entrance compartment, you can area your tablet, smartphones and there’s a RFID signal blocking compartment to keep your card or passport – keep the intruders absent.

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In the key compartment, there’s the padded notebook place, then a massive center portion where by I keep my digital camera equipment or if I’m cycling, my function sneakers to adjust into when I get to my location. The entrance compartment can be employed to keep conference documents.

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In summary, the Knomo Dale tote backpack is not oversize, it actions just H40 x W31 x D15 cm and weighs 1.3kg without the need of nearly anything inside. As soon as you load it up with all your gadgets, it weighs far more, whilst even now currently being comfy to use on a every day basis.

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What to keep in thoughts is not to overload the back again with goods as what I detect is when I tried out performing that, where by the straps attach to the back again place, the stitching ended up struggling but didn’t crack, even so, if that proceeds about time, it could be trouble.

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The straps also bought them selves into a twist quite easily when loading and offloading in a hurry and the clip sometimes come off, once again, when overloaded. Aside from people detrimental details, I feel that the Dale is generally a seriously superior bag.

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The documents compartment can be a further house for a Knomo accent like the Knomad Air premium leather moveable organiser it makes it possible for you to securely organise your tablet, smartphone, battery pack and company playing cards. You can immediately convey it out when you will need to dish out your company card or when likely by means of airport stability.

Is it value the price tag?

Certainly, definitely, for £299, you are finding a complete large amount of leather that is fashionable and premium with the Knomo Dale tote backpack. I typically get envied by onlookers who appreciates its fashion. It delivers a large amount of practicality that a large amount of backpacks can not supply and the RFID blocking is a wonderful added to have. Did I forget about to point out there’s also a code assigned so it can be tracked if missing? and you also get a two-year promise.