Modobag Luggage Is Changing The Way You Travel!

Modobag Luggage Is Changing The Way You Travel!


Any traveler knows how stressful it can be to rush through a crowded airport carrying heavy luggage. In my opinion, travel really should not be such a strenuous form of exercise. Apparently, a Chicago man named Kevin O’Donnell agrees. O’Donnell has come up with a solution for the hassle of wrestling heavy bags through the airport: the Modobag. Modobag is a revolutionary new suitcase that aims to reduce the stress involved in traveling and make it fun instead. Modobag looks like a typical roller bag, but it is equipped with a motor that makes it rideable.


That’s right, a suitcase that you can ride through the airport. O’Donnell was inspired to create the bag when he noticed kids hitching a ride on regular old roller bags. He teamed up with motorcyclist Boyd Bruner to make the adult version a reality. The result was a lightweight motorized bag that can easily be stowed on regular forms of transportation. It even fits in carry-on compartments! Modobag can carry a rider up to 6 miles on a single charge, and can be monitored with an app that keeps track of its charge and speed. It is capable of holding passengers under 260 lbs and can reach speeds of up to 8 miles per hour. In addition, Modobag can make waiting at your terminal more convenient. It functions as a comfortable and portable seat and comes equipped with dual USB ports that allow you to charge any two mobile devices while you wait.

The Modobag campaign was started about a year ago on Kickstarter, and it is now available to the public. It doesn’t come cheap, however, with the lower tier models starting at around $995. But if you don’t mind looking a little ridiculous while zooming around on a suitcase scooter, Modobag could be a fun way for you to reduce the stress of travel.



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