NCIX Data Breach - The WAN Show Sept 21, 2018

NCIX Data Breach – The WAN Show Sept 21, 2018

NCIX Data Breach – The WAN Show Sept 21, 2018

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Timestamps courtesy of WestOfAsh

0:00 Streamed to test channel instead of LIVE
1:10 Intro!
2:00 NCIX data breach
20:10 Google Event/Pixel Phones!
20:56 Linux use to work for NCIX
21:37 Amazon shotgun blast of NEW(Mostly random) products. No hype train.
31:40 Amazon smart clock?
37:52 Sponsor #1 Synergy!
40:00 Sponsor #2 Madrina’s Coffee! (Tried it myself I like it! Accidentally paid full price =(. )
42:00 Sponsor #3 Squarespace!!!!!
44:10 Google’s China based search engine will link Citizen’s phone numbers to their search history!
46:29 First Adult steam game! Banned in 28 countries
50:50 Twitch banned in China
53:40 OnePlus TV’s
54:22 Europe and Washington state are tackling gambling/loot boxes
58:00 Superchats
1:00:10 RTX is ONNNNNN!!!!!!

Comrade Dan - 7 months ago

Maybe the actual podcast subscribers could get this EARLIER than youtube, rather than several days after you upload it? Just a thought. Maybe I don't understand *podcasts*.

Waheed Adel - 7 months ago

rtx on/off for titties should be a thing…. get on it james

Charles Yeo - 7 months ago

China's policy towards freespeech on the internet is one of the reasons why I don't want them to win the trade war and further expand their sphere of influence

Tarne - 7 months ago

Linus luke jon should be the only ones allowed to do wan show. Can't listen to this guy's voice it hurts my ears. No more wan show for me his voice peaks to much

Mike Soda - 7 months ago

You can use the popcorn button on the microwave but it's pointless. Ideally you want to just put it on for a couple minutes or so & listen. When the pops slow to like 3 a second take it out! Although they wont all be popped, that's the only way to avoid burning any.

Emperor Luffy - 7 months ago

how? is that possible!

Mike Soda - 7 months ago

In regard to Lootboxes, RuneScape used to have great Holiday events with good rewards. Now though most of that content has moved to Treasure Hunter. A gambling mini-game where you buy keys to open chests for random prizes. Naturally during the Holidays there's special themed content there that's no longer being made in game accessible by everyone.

James Robertson - 7 months ago

You would have to encrypt your password

2muchjpop - 7 months ago

You guys didn't talk about the Verge

Prateek Karn - 7 months ago

So is rtx: On a meme now?

Andy Cortez - 7 months ago

Way to miss Amazons key note product Luke!

Bob H - 7 months ago

Yes, you streamed to the test channel, you screwed up, why would you mention your failure? Do we need to know you failed? I don't think it makes the show better.

JustAnotherHo - 7 months ago

i had a flashback to ask jeeves…. search engines pre google were …. ugh

Brandon Dickerson - 7 months ago

Linus is fudged

cursedbatman - 7 months ago

James do not put your cell phone on your front pocket. you will nuke your balls

Bud The Cyborg - 7 months ago

You would think, with the government having the data now, they could just re-issue Social Insurance Numbers for everyone affected in the hack.

Fluffy Rat - 7 months ago

Do you guys have a podcast?

Faye - 7 months ago

wouldnt more knobs, old stuff more hip looking?

Ted Tezeu - 7 months ago

Get rid of that annoying twat or at least kep him fed with soylent

Rick Bailey - 7 months ago

never used ncix but my email has been data breached using cheat sites like artifical aiming and even something to do with exile mod for arma 3 whatever i change my password and block spam

e1543 - 7 months ago

Lol happy I didn't fall asleep to this considering the amount of Alexa said in this

jb888888888 - 7 months ago

That's why I do as little online shopping/banking/etc. as possible.

KX36 - 7 months ago

amazon should do an echo lavalier mic

OatzMealHero - 7 months ago

My old employer. Good ol' NCIX… YOU FUCKING IDIOTS!!!!!!

Shinku Toner - 7 months ago

Ahm. WTF. I'm a former customer they do have my Email and Credit Card info…

scottdotjazzman - 7 months ago

LMAO Only $15,000 for an invite

Zhrink - 7 months ago

I love james.

Nicholas Hunter - 7 months ago

Wop. I never has a chance to go to NCIX before they went bankrupt so I should be fine.

Tiavor Kuroma - 7 months ago

60W amp, lol that's at most for medium shelf/monitor speakers.

Elijah Aldape - 7 months ago

that means linus's info is on those drives

Olivia drinkwine - 7 months ago

Have I been pwned is a pretty good service. Downside it's only for passwords and email addressees://haveibeenpwned.com/

mitchellcrazyeye - 7 months ago

just an fyi, I freaked when I saw "Linux used to work for NCIS" plz fix

duffbiker - 7 months ago

Wow thank you ltt from a fellow Canadian for the heads up. Good luck to all the former ncix employees

TheG-Man - 7 months ago

Glad I never dealt with NCIX.

Tim Prapotnik - 7 months ago

20:56 Linux??????

gogo8092201 - 7 months ago

I'll be getting 2 of the Amazon auto's

dra6o0n - 7 months ago


"I mounted one image belonging to Steve Wu the founder of NCIX. Inside I found data going back 13 years, financial documents, employment letters containing SIN numbers, and data from Mr. Wu’s home computer which featured personal documents and images of his family mixed in with numerous private photos of high end escorts from mainland china."

Espionage originating from China, much?

Lilian - 7 months ago

Who writes the description?: “Linux use to work for NCIX”, maybe “Linus used to”?…

Kevski802 - 7 months ago

Put dis in da WAN archive.

RM Food Reviews - 7 months ago

good thing i never used ncix

Travis Brown - 7 months ago

This is very horrible

Long Long Man - 7 months ago

Read this as "NCIX sells customers' data" and not as "Data stolen"

Carson B Wagner - 7 months ago

Dude, they've been selling the same, basic, Onyx "one knob" stereo at Amazon for between $140 and $160, for a decade.

It'll drive your Klipschs. I have a pair of cherry wood KG4s, and it makes them sound INCREDIBLE. I also saw a Yamaha in there, when I just looked this up:


Michael T - 7 months ago

I'm catching up, watching this at 1am …. You need a volume leveling program, you yell, shout, blat right into the microphone.
Listen to what Linus said about this ….

Mojo's World - 7 months ago

LOL hold my beer

Rohith Kumar - 7 months ago

The new bluetooth can connect to muitple things. Sauaming even has an option to stream 2 different speakers separately

Jonathan Soko - 7 months ago

For being such a smart guy, jef isn't very wise. He could have gone about that in a way in which noone would ever have found out. Be grateful he wasnt the sharpest tool in the shed.

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