Nvidia Couldn't Stop This...

Nvidia Couldn’t Stop This…

Nvidia Couldn’t Stop This…

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Can you REALLY use a GeForce card with a FreeSync monitor? How does that affect your games? And can it go the other way…?

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Tom Chafey - last year

You can see the delay in the video even.

Bezzegh Adam - last year

i want 1060 crossfire.

Krystal Myth - last year

Fuck Nvidia. 🤗

Mapra - last year

Honestly I don't understand how this channel
Still has these average camera shots and terrible editing. Ive seen 10k sub channels with way more effort and better results

Personal Person - last year

I’m waiting for rgb cables to give power to my rgb parts

Nekoromancer - last year

i cannot see what the fuck he is doing on the screen and my ryzen mb is not the same on the menus.

Nekoromancer - last year

why is asus b350 s uefi so absurd and has different names for everything.

brandon - last year

does anyone know if you can still do this?

flipfloplogic - last year

If G-sync wasn't so damn expensive……..I've been shopping around for a monitor and see TONS of freesync models. The G-sync monitors were always rare and always way more expensive when compared to a similar freesync monitor.

Andrew Finnell - last year

Isn’t this how laptops maintain a dedicated GPU but allows you to play games via the HDMI out that’s hooked to the built-in GPU?

Evan V - last year

so much glare

Partrick Star Gaming and more - last year

Can I do this with intel cpu

gian pietrobon - last year

that slap tho.. baka linus >_< 0:19

gian pietrobon - last year

oh gosh keep slapping things 0:36

Prince Daniel - last year

Now we need a RGB IHS!

Dimitris Svo - last year

i need your help . i have 7 days the Alienware AW2518H and i cant go up to 100-110 fps … 🙁
games : call of duty black out & pubg . my cart is 1080 and Display port is on . pls help me . ty

prince da-don - last year

nvidia is full of shit

Gronkel - last year

0:19 My pulse in the heavens maan 😀

BAJIGUER - last year

so, I'm using Ryzen 5 2600X (no APU) and a GTX 980 4GB with a Freesync monitor. it's mean I should change my CPU for using freesync on monitor?

Tommy Geary - last year

Sad story incoming: I have had a 1080ti for over a year now, running a Freesync monitor. I had an all AMD rig when I bought the freesync monitor, and at this point it doesn't make financial sense to buy the equivalent G-Sync monitor (because the equivalent is $600 on sale, or $700 normally). I absolutely loved freesync when i was using it, it made everything seem so smooth even at lower framerates. 1080ti though is worth it for the more graphically demanding games at 1440p, i just wish Nvidia would pull their heads out of their asses and let me use freesync.

eduu klee - last year

Hey fuk G-Sync and freeSync. Just use your average picture-anti-tearing technology from your DisplayPort Connected Monitor :0 in any case good enough. If DisplayPort anti tearing will advance even further in the near future than G-Sync and freeSync will go to hell :0 But yess ofcourse there are larg format DisplayPort Screens. i have seen some 50 zoll PC screens allrdy ;D no tearing UHD resolution in nice 3ms reaction time and at least 60hz. im sure they are working towards 144hz for the future <3

laggan 91 91 - last year

I hope navi gpu can running on gsync monitor

Jalalaburas1979 - last year

Great video as usual ! I’m currently running an intel core 7700k , and a Gtx 1080ti Asus founders edition , with a free sync Samsung chg70 32 inch wide . It’s working totally fine . The free sync totally works fine .

Bandito Jenkins - last year

Hi, if an expert could solve me a question…
I have an asus monitor with adaptative sync and i got a Radeon 580, can i make it work together?

Chew Huat Wai - last year

I'm used GTX 1060 gpu fast sync setting control Free sync monitor perfect settings

Sebastian Hoeg - last year

PLZ HELP ME. I have a 240hz alienware free sync monitor with a nividia gtx 1070 graphics card. Its not butter smooth at all and how can i make it smooth? It feels like im playing at 60hz. plz help me i want to use the monitor to the best ability without buying extra components.

Ferry Gunadi - last year

I don't like this custom sync technology everyone pushes into the display. It reminds me of HDDVD vs Bluray back in the day. Two huge companies forcing two different standard and customers are told to pick and gamble. They're expensive and there's no guarantee that future products will support it, AMD or nvidia could come up with X-Sync 2.0 and may not be compatible with your current display. That's just a waste of another perfectly functional display.

GatecrasherSlim - last year

So WHEN will we be able to use intel cpu and nvidia gpu with freesync? Isn't the intel 9000 series already using an APU? I was going to go AMD for next cpu, but getting a samsung QLED with freesync soon, so this could be a game changer!!!

Thanks to all those who reply

Jason Ahmed - last year

Hey Linus (or anyone else tbh) whats the name of the LG monitor we see in the first 2mins?

Blake Christopherson - last year

I have a Ryzen 5 1500x with a gtx 1060 strix, and a gsync monitor. Should i change anything? I don’t have frame stuttering or lag.

Darth Khan - last year

Hey..does anyone know if it's gonna work on Ryzen 7 2600x?? Im building a pc and im using Nvidia 2070 as my GPu …

Blake Leary - last year

All i want is to run above 60fps on all of my games rn i have 60 hz monitor i have gt1080 will buying a freesync to save money hender me having 100+ fps?

MultiJajamaru - last year

I'm just here because of his laugh at the beginning

reactorfallout - last year

this is the solution for 49" (32:9) monitors…for a long time to come. There are no G-sync 32:9 monitors on the horizon that i know of.

…and if you want to run Samsung's upcoming 32:9 1440p 144hz 49" monitor, a Vega 64 isn't going to cut it.

SliX CSGO and more stuff. - last year


Mauri BTek - last year

Nvidia have you listen

Robert Berzins - last year

Guess what, they've listened to the people!

Jeremiah Dunn - last year

Could you use a laptop with a tower

Tim Bryan - last year

So can you pull this trick with headerless mining GPU's?

Voltichock - last year

Now its possible

TheLiquidChaos - last year

And now officially Nvidia will support Free Sync natively. Welcome to 2019!

Joonil Oh - last year

As CES 2019 happens, can't help but think of the people who bought a second AMD GPU for this.

crimescene25 - last year

-smacks everything

Mark Davenport Jr - last year

anyone else rewatching this since the full support from Nvidia this years CES? 😀

pilgrum90 - last year

Haha I’m watching this again as I’m looking to get a new monitor. On January 15, 2019 release day of new drivers allowing free sync on my 1070. 3 months after the release of this video. I think that we soon shall see videos showing how good or bad it is. Then videos about how nvidia is sandbagging performance of freesync in driver. And throughout Linus recommends “not recommend unsigned drivers”

Norbert Csorba - last year

so heres an experiment:
i have a 980m Alienware without g-sync BUT i have usb-c thunderbolt and a g-sync 144hz monitor (in the future i want to buy AGA with a beefy GPU)
can i passthrough the 980m frames to the igpu and to a usb-c thunderbolt – displayport cable to the monitor to have 144hz G-sync?

Dávid Horváth - last year

Hehehhe nvidia did it….just because of this im so sure

Spoony - last year

I died a little bit inside when he slapped the GPU 00:19

xXArmageddon1382Xx - last year

i actually used to game on Linux, wasnt a bad experience to be honest

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