Out with Cigs In with Vape’s healthier alternative for all

The Vape market is a upcoming market with a lot of money to be made and fast. Vapes have a chance to eliminate cigarettes or at least force them to go electronic. With various flavors and strengths of nicotine. Vapes are ideal for both smokers and nonsmokers. Companies have top of the line flavors to enjoy, with the vape you just built or are even thinking of building. Satisfaction is what the vape stores look for and a personal connection with the customer is what they strive to accomplish.

The question to ask ourselves before we venture into the realm of vaping is. who does it?

Millennials 60% of the market

Gen X 30%

Boomers 10%

The Millennials will lead the overall market, grow in SIZE, but drop in percentages as the older demographics start tapping into the movement. Currently this industry is at $2B annual revenue and Big Tobacco predicts it will outpace tobacco sales —currently at $35B—in the next ten years

WHY are “they” vaping?

60% Millennials: It’s cool/ fun/ hip

20 %Gen X : they want to smoke but don’t wish to create second hand smoke possibly because of the increase in children among this generation.

20 % of Boomers want to quit smoking, may have been trying to quit for decades 

The Future of Vaping

20% Boomers

30% Gen X

50% Millennials

Millennials will continue to dominate this sector since Gen X and Boomers do not have the patience, visual acuity, manual dexterity and curiosity to get heavily into the vaping. Vaping is a healthier alternative for anyone looking to stop smoking. You can try some of these vape stores below if you are looking to make a switch:

  1. Vapor DNA: http://www.vapordna.com/?Click=28214
  2. Mad Vapes: http://www.madvapes.com/?acc=06138bc5af6023646ede0e1f7c1eac75
  3. Director Vapes: http://www.directvapor.com/?A=1033