Scribd partners with The New York Times for a cheaper joint subscription

Scribd partners with The New York Times for a cheaper joint subscription

If you already have or are looking into a subscription for The New York Times, then Scribd has a bundle for you that’s a great deal: for $12.99 a month, you can subscribe to both NYT and Scribd.

Scribd is an unlimited reading subscription service that enables you to read books, newspapers, and magazines, as well as listen to audiobooks. The new plan extends beyond just Scribd — which is $8.99 monthly — and includes the entirety of The New York Times website. As part of the bundle, you also get access to The New York Times Digital Archive, and The New York Times app via their Basic Digital Access plan. Usually, a full NYT subscription costs $14.99 monthly.

It’s not the first time Scribd and NYT have partnered up: in 2017 they released an “Essential Student Bundle,” offering students access to both services. But that was limited to just a semester, or four months. On the flip side, this new bundle is available to everyone.

The NYT partnering with a service to offer full reading access isn’t a first: the paper has also partnered with Spotify, offering full Premium service alongside full access, as part of their All Access subscription.

As newspaper organizations continue to evolve and embrace the move to digital, coming up with new incentives to get users who don’t normally pay for a news source is one of their top priorities. For example, The Washington Post has tested giving Amazon Prime subscribers six months access as part of their membership, as well as discounts and free trials.

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