Sharkbanz make the ocean a safer place for everyone

Sharkbanz make the ocean a safer place for everyone


The 4th of July has passed and beach season is most definitely in full swing. People are out swimming, surfing, diving, and just enjoying the water. Yet, for many people, there is always a slight fear that the ocean is not completely safe. According to the National Ocean Service, to this date people have explored less than five percent of the ocean. Our lack of knowledge about this vast expanse leaves a lot to the imagination. In this context, the imagination often conjures images of shark attacks.

Sharks are not truly the man-eating monsters portrayed in Hollywood blockbusters. There are plenty of statistics to illustrate this fact, like the fact that in 1996 more people were injured by their toilets than by sharks. Similar statistics show that you are more likely to die from the flu, or be injured by an air freshener, than experience a shark attack. This does not, however, mean that sharks are totally harmless. In fact, shark attacks are on the rise. According to National Geographic, in 2015 there were 98 shark related incidents with six resulting in human fatalities. Sharks are not getting more aggressive, but there are more swimmers in the water than ever and there are more people doing high risk activities like surfing. Global warming is also a factor, since the warming of ocean waters allows sharks to range over areas they previously avoided.

Shark circling paddle boarder

Surfer Nathan Garrison came up with a way to give swimmers more peace of mind in the ocean: Sharkbanz. Sharkbanz is a device similar in style to a fitbit that can be worn on the wrist or ankle. It contains magnetic technology that interferes with the hyper-sensitive electro-magnetic sense sharks use to hunt, effectively repelling them. To the shark, swimming near someone wearing this bracelet is like having a bright light shone in his eyes.

Sharks generally do not attack humans intentionally since we are not their primary prey. In murky water, however, they cannot see well with their eyes . Instead, they rely on their electro-magnetic sense to help them “see” what lies in front of them. A shark may therefore bite a swimmer just to investigate them. These hit and run type incidents are one of the most common type of human/shark interactions, and obviously far less serious than an intentional attack, but can still damage the swimmer physically and mentally. While it cannot promise 100% effectiveness, Sharkbanz prevents most of these types of attacks.

Not only does this product offer some peace of mind to those enjoying the ocean, it also helps protect sharks. People may fear sharks, but we’re actually far more deadly to them than they are to us. To help combat the negative effects humans have on shark populations, Sharkbanz donates 3% of its profits to eradicating the practice of shark finning and protecting the sharks’ ocean habitat. Sharkbanz allow people to coexist peacefully with these predators, making the ocean a safer place for humans and sharks alike.

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