This Robot WON'T Kill You - Anki Vector Showcase

This Robot WON’T Kill You – Anki Vector Showcase

This Robot WON’T Kill You – Anki Vector Showcase

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mr happy - last year

R.I.P linus, the linus we know is now replaced with a robot

killerkillsdaily - last year

Detroit become human who?

Skyler Cook - last year

And here I am jealous of your Msi lucky figure

ingusmant - last year

Makes sounds like the Wheatley turrets from portal 2
Anyway, what mouse is that? The vertical one i mean.

LegendH - last year

45 seconds enough for like

Pianoguy32 - last year

Give Taran a payrise or he will become a robot !

Aayush Aggarwal - last year

Linus: this Robot won't kill you

Explosions happening in the thumbnail

REDACTED - last year

Like sure he doesn't too do much but he seems like a fun little desk companion, most companies go too south with there robots where they try to make them do too much at once, this is a neat foot in the door.

Fusion - last year

Don't forget about claptrap interplanetary ninja assassin

Everything Cool - last year

Sadly I'm one of these people are not convinced by robots part of what makes a robot real is belief that is real for someone like me I Robot will always be a robot doesn't matter how intelligent it seems to be if you do something outside its programming will prove this for example throw it against the wall it would not try and resist you like a human being

Defalt - last year

That intro

Russian doge - last year

so an annoying alexa

Diego Gomez - last year

hilarius intro xD

SlimSkillz - last year

why did you scare people?

TheMugha - last year

Where can i buy that retro ibm monitor

blooddragonofdeath - last year

I want 5 and one with a small knife taped to his arms

-Jotaro Kujo- - last year

Detroit become human

James Carter - last year

Honestly he should have all the features of Cosmo as well.. you can do so much more but we still can't play games with them as much.

Sicong Huang - last year

please tell me Taran edited this video himself!!!!

Bob Motster - 11 months ago

Map its surroundings it does. And then it sends the mapping data to its real masters.

Lord Ba'al - 11 months ago

The Dyson advertising method. Pay every tech YouTuber to give you a good review.

CJ Who - 11 months ago

i expect to see this guy in the next infinity war😤

Washington Strong arm - 11 months ago

Correction.. according to Anki, vector is a male.

CyDragonGM - 11 months ago

Vector seems like the cautious peaceful robot route to avoid the sci-fi evil robot movie theories as long as we program our robots to be as peaceful as Vector then we will have better robots.

Ed - 11 months ago

at 0:04 "i was like what was going on" then at 0:31 i was like " what the O_O"

Lucas Tassie - 11 months ago

Ok petting him might be a little weird but who really cares ami right

Caz - 11 months ago

Absolutely adorable, I really want one

Ed Gufler - 11 months ago

20 seconds into this Video.. I could see it was Lame as heck. I left never to return.

Techlappy - 11 months ago


Wymsic_ - 11 months ago

Finally, a robot that has magnitude AND direction!

Overclock Rider - 11 months ago

that's pretty awesome, props to the coders and engineers

Altair 8800 - 11 months ago

I want to build my own!

k-swiggle - 11 months ago

i love the anki robots. they are soo cute and fun

DaddyTeed86 - 11 months ago

Don’t forget to smash like.

Viktor Sopko - 11 months ago


Simon Graham - 11 months ago

OK..it sets a timer for 10 minutes.. that's about as much use as I'd get out of it. I'd lose patience and it would end up being flicked repeatedly when it didn't answer within the expected millisecond that today's tech should provide.

JihadNinja - 11 months ago

Linus really has sold out huh, i'm a kickstarter backer of this and most of us are less than impressed with it. It's missing promised features, foff of desks more than their previous product COSMO, and this video makes it look like a home smart device on wheels. It isnt. It's early in its release, but as of right now it kinda sucks. go to the anki vector subreddit if you don't beleive me. I own a COSMO though and I love that little shit. I'm sure with updates VECTOR will be pretty awesome eventually. Right now though it isn't worth retail price. But what do I know I'm drunk as fuck. Anyone remember that episode of Arthur where the dogs have the "sock exchange" and that's why socks go missing? As a kid I hated that episode but now I think my dog might be selling my fucking socks to elon musk or whatever. This robot doesn't steal your socks and sell them so it's a recommend by me.

daniel wijk - 11 months ago

Is it worth it?

Fergus - 11 months ago

you've done three sponsored videos total about this crappy discount siri on wheels.

John Ramirez - 11 months ago

Hahaha, the intro made my day! 😂😂😂

VooDooness - 11 months ago

I know it's Halloween but you didn't have to spoop the crap outta me!

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