Watch SpaceX Perform the First Ever Private Moon Landing

After showing off its Starship Raptor engine, SpaceX is gearing up to launch the first fully private Moon landing mission from its base in Cape Canaveral.

The Falcon 9 rocket set to exit Earth’s atmosphere will be carrying SpaceIL’s, an Israeli scientific and technological education organization, Beresheet lander to the Moon. If the lunar insertion and touchdown are a success, SpaceX will pull off the first private mission to land on the astronomical body. It has been reported that the mission cost SpaceIL $100 million USD, which makes the upcoming landing the cheapest Moon mission ever.

Additionally, the Falcon 9 rocket will also be carrying the Nusantara Satu, an Indian communications satellite, as its main payload. The satellite is expected to provide connectivity in rural areas of India that are difficult to service by conventional means.

Watch SpaceX’s Nusantara Satu launch and the first ever private moon landing above.

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