Watch: The World’s Fastest Rubik’s Cube Solving Robot

We people might believe ourselves rather smug for having the ability to solve a Rubik’s Cube in only seconds but robots are constantly out to one up us after a computer was created that can crack the block in just over one second.

The current Guinness world record for a robot is a comparatively slow-moving 2.3 seconds, with the people lagging behind with 4.9 seconds, which was establish by 14-year old Lucas Etter in November 2015. Despite both of these really being quick speed solving times (particularly compared to our own 18-years-and-counting attempt) this unofficial new world record has completely smashed them both.

The originators, Jay Flatland and Paul Rose, uploaded a video to YouTube of their robot becoming ‘hands on’ with the Rubik’s Cube. It shows the Cube held in the center of a 3D-printed framework via drilled holes with four USB cameras pointing at the puzzle.

The end result is a blink-of-the-eye bustle of motion by the robot that successfully unscrambles the magnificently crafty mix puzzle made by Hungarian professor Erno Rubik back in 1974. Both guys are in the procedure for applying for the world record title.

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