We Broke the WRONG Record! - RTX Overclocking

We Broke the WRONG Record! – RTX Overclocking

We Broke the WRONG Record! – RTX Overclocking

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We started out with one goal: Overclock Nvidia’s new GeForce RTX 2080 Ti and document the process. But we got a little ahead of ourselves…

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Elradiuzi - 9 months ago

There's people out there who don't max out their power target?

noble1266 - 9 months ago

you should try some neverwet on that thing

Anthony Galati - 9 months ago

Ghetto at it's finest.. why do the content creators with the most money do the shittiest jobs .. what is this mess…

apollstar1 - 9 months ago

Well, that was entertaining lol.

Darko Hugo - 9 months ago

I just sell my 3000$ 4K build for save up for an NSX Na1

Andrew David Naumann (Student) - 9 months ago

this sounds like me trying to overclock my midrange pc from 2010 and not even getting 60fps on fortnite

Extera - 9 months ago

Reminds me of the times when I used to bench… Cool vid Linus!
For your protection (of condensation….) use kneading eraser.

Here is an almost 10 year old vid for inspiration 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRzB72IOLHY

tipoomaster - 9 months ago

I remember hearing about K|NGP|N around…What, 3DMark 2001? Amazing that he's still tops.

tipoomaster - 9 months ago

26:52, and that's how Linus died, shocked via extension cord to a 15,000 dollar power supply.

MMAJP182 - 9 months ago

if i have a gigabyte 2080 ti can i use other apps like precisionX or afterburner without any consequences?

Francisco Velásquez - 9 months ago

Look, a ghetto mod video.

Baron Of Clubs - 9 months ago

Extra holes?


brickabrack - 9 months ago

Thumbs up for Sir Anthony face time.

MMAJP182 - 9 months ago

Anyone please tell me what you think. If you're any bit knowledgeable. I just got a 2080 ti a couple weeks ago and ive smashed every game at 2k max settings obviously. When I started to try out BF1 my frames were not so killer. A lot of stuttering and inconsistency. I want to know where my bottleneck is. My cpu RAM or both, probably both… CPU is i7 4770k. RAM is 8x2gb at 1600 mhz i believe.

L45V3G45 - 9 months ago

i just checked out your tshirt merch. seems to me free advertising should be a little more affordable… :/ sure would like to own one for ya, just can't afford that cost bud. sorry. (not that you prolly need the ad cash-in however…

thomas thompson sunshinescopes - 9 months ago

Love the shirt

Decebal825 - 9 months ago

yeah but can you play minecraft with it?

Hunter's Moon - 9 months ago

3 power connectors, holy testicle tuesday.

Anon Ymous - 9 months ago


Nikolay Ganovski - 9 months ago

win10 has too many background processes which use part of the CPU. Win 7 would be better.

ycz04x02 - 9 months ago

But if they are OCing a RTX2080 TI, why the benchmark says Titan V?

rynocs - 9 months ago

These videos need a #cringeworthy between the lack of soldering skills and "engineering" #rightnotenough

Zexceil Xaros - 9 months ago

If you really want to do this Mod in a nice way to make a variable power adjustment then use a potentiometer instead, that way you can really fine tune it to your card nicely.

Techno Games - 9 months ago

U should do like jays nv link. And hope u will do it with quadros lol

Phillip Clark - 9 months ago

I love watching you two do this looking like mad scientists!

Salmoln 3 - 9 months ago

7:44 RAW DOGGING lmao

Joseph - 9 months ago

Who TF is Kingpin?

U_stupid_mother_f*ckers - 9 months ago

I saw where you take the rtx30 with 1.8 gz smoking on motherboard processing two pentium dual processor 20ti was a beautiful improvement over a 2200xt . I also heard that the speed of the 4500 ms2034 works on wifi boosters

Obliquematter - 9 months ago

"Im not hooking up the rgb."
"Really?… The card wont work"

And Professional lubrication device…
I never knew how much I liked these videos until now.
Thank you linus. I literally laughed my ass off through this whole vid.

Ryan LeBear Kearney - 9 months ago

I was getting into the music tracks then this came up…

John Snow - 9 months ago

Linus, please put some grills on those blowie-matrons. Its genuinely dangerous and unwise to keep them like that.

narutowhitex - 9 months ago

You have the only Youtube intro that I have ever liked. I watch it like 4 times every video I see

G Kotten - 9 months ago

Linus you are the biggest “hack” “scab” in the world

Vaniano 404 - 9 months ago


Charles Bosse - 9 months ago

You could put your overclocks condensation free box (maybe use a chiller to refrigerate the air going in to chill vaper out of the air.

Carlos Josue Hernandez Jaramillo - 9 months ago

R.I.P. Napkin Y.Y

Sage Channel - 9 months ago

If you submerged the entire setup in miner oil, wouldn't that in theory prevent any condensation?
This would then cut out the need for the extra fans and whatnot, and you could still technically run a liquid cooling tube through the CPU & GPU.

J D - 9 months ago

26:46 and the endorphins hit

thekornrole - 9 months ago

this whole video was pure slapstick comedy

Lowlander 2004 - 9 months ago

I recommend… buying an old nuclear reactor from a Russian sub, nah forget it, probably still not enough wattage…. 😉

test - 9 months ago

A retard at work with power tools.

FPSKiwi - 9 months ago


Rob Mc - 9 months ago

mite try some spray on foam insulator to keep down condensations.

Nan vanT - 9 months ago

Anthony you should also do a podcast man, totally love your voice

Noah Baatz - 9 months ago

"Automagically" perfect linus!

Shahjalal MD Yakub Shifat - 9 months ago

I think I am in eee lab

Lachie Campbell - 9 months ago

the loudest water cooled pc record

zeld29 - 9 months ago

You have I watch … you wanker

Barriath - 9 months ago

when i heard he wants to drill something i was like noooooooo!

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