We FIXED Apple’s New MacBook Pro

We FIXED Apple’s New MacBook Pro

We FIXED Apple’s New MacBook Pro

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WARRANTY VOID. We knew it would come to this, but can some good old fashioned LTT engineering fix the Core i9 MacBook Pro 2018‘s thermals?

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Title: Laszlo – Supernova
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Dennis PlayZ - 11 months ago

Get your ugly ass out of the internet HEDGEHOG

Dhime - 11 months ago

I don't know if it's the amateur engineer in me but holy cow, after they opened it up and showed the over head… Beautiful. I want one now… I'm conflicted, been PC master race for decades now. Maybe keep my pc gaming and go apple for my media?

Le sigh…

Peter - 11 months ago

Wow, over-engineering. The 2011 Macbooks had fewer than half the screws to get the motherboard out. Imagine the numbers we'll see in the future. They'll probably have to remove some more ports to make room for more screws.

Carlos Ferrari - 11 months ago

One of the funniest ever I really lol'd 😀

GruntBurger - 11 months ago

Apple engineering…kill me.

Ri Max - 11 months ago

2 minutes into a 15 minute video and I'm already like: "Yup. Definitely fuck Apple stuff, never getting one."

danwithjesus - 11 months ago

LOL…"wasn't me" and then zooms in…that was so funny…

bonob0123 - 11 months ago

thats mere liquid metal thermal paste, what about true liquid metal cooling with metal circulating in the pipes? https://www.tweaktown.com/news/14429/danamics_lmx_liquid_metal_cpu_cooler_test_results_impress/index.html or https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.technologyreview.com/s/404317/metal-cooled-computing/amp/. TEST IT.

craig Richardson - 11 months ago

Come on how did you fix their new laptop, the only way I can think of to fix it is to turn if of lol

ammr alhalabi - 11 months ago

I laughed so hard that i had to rerun the ASMR part again to understand hear what u said lol

Drew Salter - 11 months ago

More screws #quotes from apple

J03Y42NA - 11 months ago

Whenever I go to work on Apple computers I print out the entire ifixit pdf and pin each screw and tape each tiny ass piece to the steps of the printouts

NEDMKitten - 11 months ago

ASMR haha

indyjons321 - 11 months ago

I just LM'd my stove top tho….

Cristian Medrano - 11 months ago

Cover the rog phone please!!!!!!

Honza Krčil - 11 months ago

What about a software that ramps up the fans faster?

supa dude101 - 11 months ago

Apple: we cut the one screw lose to save money on building this to charge you over twice what it cost to make so we can just keep failing to make laptops
Apple: We need to make it harder for you to fix it so you'd go spend another 5 grand on a new one
Apple: needed to save money on "cooling."(its not actually any form of decent cooling)
Linus: WHY. U. MAKE. THIS. SO. HARD. TO. FIX?!?!?!??!?!?!??!
Apple: So you'd by another one.

mirorih2 - 11 months ago

Well, this just cements that I should not get any apple products.

Michael WILLIAMSON - 11 months ago

Oh god

SethBrown321 - 11 months ago

we're linus tech ticks

Joey Jiffy - 11 months ago

The sexual tension is palpable

James Martin - 11 months ago

if you using the the latest version of Mac OS, Then it's probably that "Kernel patch" From Apple getting in your way with Performance boosts on the shorter test. (You know the one that "fixed" the thermal throttling issue by default in the CPU to one of the lowest power states)

mrnuke - 11 months ago

It breaks my heart seeing you struggle with those iFixit screwdrivers. I'd recommend trying Wiha Precision series. Of you do get a chance to try the Wiha, let me know what you think.

Nuj Sis Loob - 11 months ago

Is this really from Apple or not, its appear on my MBP 2018 screen maybe one or two times a week anyone experienced about this issue ?

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