What Do $50,000 Headphones Sound Like?

What Do $50,000 Headphones Sound Like?Ten years of research, 30 engineers to make it. The Sennheiser Orpheus headphones is a UFO in the sound industry. Each component has been rigorously selected to build the best audio possible.
Made for wealthy audiophiles and professionnals, these exceptional headphones will be released in 2016 at 50 000 €. Fully handmade, only 250 copies will be made in a year.

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Sennheiser – Discover true sound! For over 70 years Sennheiser has been standing for quality products in the area of headphones, headsets, microphones & integrated systems! Sennheiser is guaranteeing real sound & customized solutions with respect to recording, transmission and reproduction of sound. With German engineering, decades of experience & innovative science, Sennheiser sticks to undistorted sound & is setting new standards with high quality headphones, headsets, microphones & integrated systems.

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