Why Does Linus Pirate Windows??

Why Does Linus Pirate Windows??

Why Does Linus Pirate Windows??

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Activate Windows. A surprisingly frequent appearance on Linus Tech Tips. But why would we pirate Windows? Will Microsoft sue us?

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Bobby Bealls - 6 months ago

Why not just use Linux for your testing of equipment? It's free and no watermark..

Badr T.O Road To 1k - 6 months ago

windows is gonna ban linus tech from youtube !!!! omg


my mobile - 6 months ago

He pirates it to make bitcoin miners

Gtex_ legend - 6 months ago

so linus i only need windows 10 pro genuine key or a windows official genuine disc to turn my freaking pirated windows 10 to a genuine windows 10 ?

Pings OW - 6 months ago

Is there a difference between pirating windows or just buying it

Isaac Landes - 6 months ago

i've been using an unlicensed copy of windows on my gaming rig for months now, the watermark only rarely annoys me.

LlamaBG - 6 months ago

linus is fucking gay lol

Sg z - 6 months ago

4:22 🙂

AlbertonBeastmaster - 6 months ago

I thought they changed it to a license linked to your hotmail address now?

Emre Q - 6 months ago


Dubstep-_-Freak - 6 months ago

6:04 XD

Razer Productions - 6 months ago

My first school used to pirate windows

Impromptu405 - 6 months ago

I swapped my mobo once and it came up with that error. I had to call them and it took 15 mins. Too much time.

Jake Verde - 6 months ago

Linus Pirates Windows because Microsoft activation support is crap, that's what we've learned from this video.

Jim Robinson - 6 months ago

I can’t be bothered to count them, but I wonder how many of the comments say “move to Linux!”

daniel anderson - 6 months ago

Just use kms activator, is Op

daniel anderson - 6 months ago

Can we get a video about kms activator

Harlock Aznable - 6 months ago

So you want to join my pirate crew? Is that what you're really getting at?

Ailurophile - 6 months ago

Lol love this

KingKonguido - 6 months ago

2:50 It's the motherboard. The license is stored in UEFI. Other hardware in the system has no effect.
3:00 Linus said he tried this before shooting the video, the second motherboard had possibly already been activated at some point. Linus presumably thought the activation was stored on the HDD.

Phani Gurram - 6 months ago

Please try doing a video on windows 10 slow GPU for apps

Saeed Baig - 6 months ago

The Ship (Computer?) of Theseus problem: IfI gradually replace every component of the original ship (computer) until eventually there are no components left from the original, is it still the same ship (computer) as when I bought it?

Apparently, Microsoft doesn't think so!

Daniel Alt - 6 months ago

About the remote access, if you read the EULA there states that one remote user is allowed to a microsoft server per 90 days. If you want to have "unlimited remote" you have to get a license that costs $2500.

Leopold Djurovic - 6 months ago

Great background music

Michael Hursh - 6 months ago

MS sucks, I ran into same error when I upgraded my machine. a billion dollar company against a 65 year old retiree. Iwish they had more competition

Michelle L - 6 months ago

If you read over the Microsoft GUI it does say you can have a backup aka download windows , This is not just Windows as this is the law if you own a master copy you have the legal right to a backup witch can be a downloaded copy as the law only does say you can have a copy if you own a master/POP

Michelle L - 6 months ago

I love this law so much as with not being able to resale are buy games used i now buy new download play delete sell.

Dom Zaio - 6 months ago

* Microsoft deletes Linus*

Simon - 6 months ago

People are stupid, not knowing that there are things that they don't know, always think about that first, but even i knew that it must be something like this, and im no expert. I don't understand people like that, but probably they were fishing for likes or proving them selfs, why do that, why an urge to prove yourself to yourself, don't think that way.

Beyond_Death - 6 months ago

Linus needs to go in jail!

Tech Town - 6 months ago

The most smoothest entry into cable mod sponsor.

Jeremy Zuther - 6 months ago

Windows activation fails after 7 hardware change flags.

dramtic end - 6 months ago

i bet he used an activator

TheVesylum - 6 months ago

I pirate literally everything lool

jec6613 - 6 months ago

So big question, with everything you do, why don't you have a volume license and get onto the VLSC? You can fire up a KMS server and everything will automatically activate.

Muffins McGeez - 6 months ago

Man I hate Microsoft, its a pity they have no real competitor for PC gaming.

WeGameGrizzly - 6 months ago

People criticize because of a water mark and then jump to conclusions? Why? based on…. no information? This comes at no surprise to me btw. But people don't have evidence of anything, they don't know anything and think they instantly know everything which confuses me so much and they come up with conclusions and accusations against another person that they do not even know. The Internet world is very odd and different than the real world I understand, but what certain people post and write in the internet world is actually inside of people in the real world.. As in they really think this way, which scares me. I mean if there was a way you could just understand someone's personal behavior over the internet before you were friends with them you would understand who you are talking to in the real world. Obviously that is scary and breaks privacy laws and that would be a bad thing….. but people have to start holding themselves accountable for things they say whether it's through messages or said verbally. People have to have like a moral high ground to stand on, to keep yourself in check, so you can think before you spread toxicity onto other people. It would be like boundaries you set up for yourself that you don't cross so you could limit yourself and not get so out of control and spread that hate onto other people. More so setting yourself up to be a good example, which is very rarely seen but needed so badly. People hate people because of the things people fester up inside of themselves which tends to lead them to becoming what they fester up. People hate themselves, they hate others etc. A good mother and father figure helps a lot when growing up… But you also get to an age where you know right from wrong and have to, against all odds, push yourself away from things that are wrong and non beneficial which cause conflict and hatred etc. Some people just do not want to change and will not change I get that. I see comments of people seeing an animal being shot like hunting or whatever, then I will see over half of the comments stating that they want to off the dude for doing that, officially stating that an animals life is more valuable than a humans life which is absolutely sickening. Humans have this unbelievable ability to make decisions and turn away from mistakes and against all odds do the right thing… but we have this movement of toxicity that has taken over the vast community of web users which happens to be a vast majority of the population where anything they do is just aloud and there is absolutely no accountability for the things they do or say. Is there anyone that can read this and think that enough is enough. It's easy to have a bad day and take it out on other people, but it takes a stronger individual to turn around and make the right decision of not doing these types of things. I don't know what else to say. Probably going to get trolled but whatever. 26 and thinking to much for my age I guess. I understand that people are not faultless and do things that they shouldn't do, but I mean come on guys, it's insanely out of control. No common decency, no self control, no respect, no critical thinking skills, pretty much no good attributes.

TheFxyO - 6 months ago

why say "worst of all" when its just the motherboard? its encrypted in the bios. swapping other interiors won't trigger a license rejection unless its the motherboard and you're OEM. this video is kinda covering your ass just because you didnt rearm after your rufus install before recording. and btw, i use pirated windows and im proud of it.

FoodForThought - 6 months ago

Why Linux is better than windows
– No blue screens of death
– No computer that can't reboot,
– No viruses, malwares and spywares
– No privacy concerns, namely no data stolen from you and used by third parties
– No wasted time trying to fix one of the many issues on windows every time you turn it on
– No windows updates stopping in the middle of the process
– No need to download new drivers
– No internet connection issues
– No virus from downloading programs on the net (on Linux, you use the software manager, way much safer than downloading random programs on the net)
– No wasted time trying to clean your computer
– No built in programs and advertisements you didn't ask like on Win10
– No need to reboot when you update or install a program

There's something most don't realize, you will soon have to pay an annual fee for windows just like what will happen with win7 in 2020 to keep it updated

Why Linux is better:

– it's Free ($100 to $200 for windows)
– it's easy to install (10 to 15 minutes) How much time for Windows?
– It's lighter (2Gb compared to 4Gb)
– It's Faster and can be used on very old PCs
– It's almost virus free, it's very very difficult to get infected
– It's a community of thousands of people who are working on it without proprietary bias
-There's no stealing and using it by third parties like Windows
– You're problems free, when you boot your computer, you don't have to attend to it, you don't waste your time starting programs to keep it clean, to remove any virus or do any repairs of any sort, you start it and you go straight to what you're using it for, you are having a feeling of peace because you never ask yourself whether your computer will start, it simply will.

I've been using windows for the last 15 years, cause I wasn't a geek, didn't know I could install other OS so I kept struggling with windows fixing all sorts of issues every week, wasting my time, each time I turned it on, I systematically stumbled on new issues, new stuff I had to repair and then I found out about Linux and I've been satisfied ever since. I watch movies with VLC, I go on the internet, youtube and stuff, I used to download movies on utorrent when I were on windows, on Linux, you can use Deluge, just as good, you will have chrome or firefox, you will be able to do the same things you used to do and you won't be spied on. Can you tell the same on Windows? 85% of people use windows, that's why you will be more likely to get infected on it because hackers don't really give a shit about the few millions of us on linux but even if they did, the virus will have a hard time to infect your files they won't get permissions and there are so many distributions that it's very unlikely that one virus will be especially made to attack yours, that's why Linux is often said to be virus free, I just don't know why people still use windows and every week waste a considerable amount of time just to make it work because for me that choice is very easy to make.

And people who tell me that windows is better, as a Linux user, I just know it's not true because I've been on windows, I've struggled with all the problems I mentioned above and I'm quite sure you went through some too. Windows literally pushed me over the edge and I would be astonished to hear that you never had any and never wasted some of your precious time to get it fixed. Well, on Linux, a computer is not a permanent problem for you to fix, it's a machine used to go straight to your distractions, that's the difference, that's why Linux is better.

Why windows is so well spread? Because many people are simply misinformed and afraid to change but Linux is as user friendly as windows is. Just use it for a week and come back tell me if I'm wrong.

hRS3NS4T10N - 6 months ago

linus i changed nothing in my laptop i cant keep it actvated

borny hitch - 6 months ago

people could be smarter.

sbunny8 - 6 months ago

I have paid for Windows a dozen times over, every time I buy another laptop. It seems petty that they would hassle me about whether this one or that one is activated or not. Relax, Micro$oft. You already got my money, many many times.

Milan Z - 6 months ago

You wouldn't leave your car deactivated, would you?

Robi1969 Gaming - 6 months ago

wow you have huge size monitor/television

JLock17 - 6 months ago

This reminds me so much of my college years for some reason. Yar har fiddle de de~

Anthony Peters - 6 months ago

Ring ring ring… Do doo dooo. NO YOU BUY. YOU BUY! NO SOLUTION YOU BUY NEW YES! Here it sounds like a mac rep

Anthony Peters - 6 months ago


Valtron - 6 months ago

he want to say that instant gaming is pirate site and other legit site but if you pay fully price that is legit this man is sponsor man marketing man so guys if you want to be idiot and spend 100e go on

Arcade Alchemist - 6 months ago

my windows has just done this today, For some reason. i haven't really changed the system it's using all the same hardware as when i activated (IE THE Motherboard and CPU GPU)
but the hard drive failed and was replaced by warranty
so for me it's hardly the same as a new PC.

Arcade Alchemist - 6 months ago

why can't microsoft just have it Bound to yoru LIVE account and only allow one activation at a time.

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