WISO is revolutionizing safety technology

WISO is revolutionizing safety technology


Anyone who has walked home alone after a long day at work knows how scary it can be to commute by yourself. After all, it seems like there are always terrible stories about assaults and robberies in the news. Just this past week, for example, a woman was murdered while out jogging near her family’s home in Plymouth, MA. It’s hard to imagine ever being caught completely alone in today’s world, where people are so connected through their phones, but it can happen to anyone. If you’re walking alone at night and someone comes up behind you, you don’t necessarily have time to dial an emergency number. That’s where the Taiwanese company Astrotek Integration comes in with their new product, WISO.

wiso whistle

WISO is the newest innovation in safety technology. It is the world’s first smart whistle, with a bluetooth connection to your smartphone that connects you with up to three different emergency contacts at the click of a button. This whistle links with an app where you preset three people you want to be your emergency contacts. In an emergency all you have to do is blow WISO for two-seconds, or hold down the button for a discreet option, and it will send alerts to these contacts through text or email. There is even a setting that will call your contacts if you have an Android phone.

wiso function

In addition to the alert message, WISO will send your location if you enable this feature on the app. The whistle is small, light, and very portable. It has a battery life of over 24 hours and adjusts its operation based your phone’s battery level in order to maximize reliability. It’s marketing is geared heavily toward women, but anyone could benefit from owning this whistle. While WISO is not guaranteed to protect you in and emergency, and you should still avoid unnecessarily dangerous situations, it could definitely help give you some peace of mind next time you have to walk home alone.

wiso whistles


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