You Thought You Didn't Need This…  - Caavo Control Center Showcase

You Thought You Didn’t Need This… – Caavo Control Center Showcase

You Thought You Didn’t Need This… – Caavo Control Center Showcase

Thanks for Caavo for sponsoring the video, check out the Caavo Control Center at http://geni.us/12LFn

The Caavo Control Center gives you one universal voice remote to browse and search across all your Live TV and streaming services, from Netflix to Prime, Apple TV to Roku!

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Nicholas Tarling - last year

Virgin media in the uk… absolutely useless

Max slayer - last year

That's a nice little thing, but few people have this specific necessity

Kevin Culleton - last year

Please stop doing these "showcases". I want reviews with your actual opinion.

David Macarthur - last year

Dude, wtf is with that wife comment.

Chanan Bos - last year

Screw you Linus with your "ok google", btw you missed a good opportunity to say "watch Linus tech tips on youtube" 😀

Voqz. - last year

Or you just go on google and search for it, connect it to your TV… BOOM You can watch what you want

Paul Young - last year

Samsung did this with its new TVs for free!

Cody Wallace - last year

Nividia shield and thats all I need

Adam Haas - last year

Before the latest updated to the Google Home app, you could search for media and it would show all the services you have connected that have it. Now it doesn't.

Arvin B - last year

It seems like a sorta usefull tool. Why are people hating on this so much. You dont like it dont buy it . ????

tralexan - last year

Watch the review on Lon.TV. Unpaid and honest. For, instance, no HDR, slow response times, etc.

Paul J Pachasa JR - last year

I'm too old for this gadget. I mainly watch OTA tv with an 8 element UHF antenna mounted to an old pedestal fan base. I'm lucky enough to have a spare 40 inches of space in a room on my 2nd floor so I don't need to get out on the roof.

Igor Cesar Madruga Bezerra Cavalcanti Ramalho - last year

Popcorn time has all the best shows while being the most affordable.

dvdchas - last year

Thanks. You triggered my Google home with that video.

Duncan Brown - last year

They should make this extend to games and music I’d be dope if you could say play sims and have it pop up

Roach DoggJR - last year

What's the subscription thing for? Do I have to pay $2 per month on top of all the other subscription? Well, I guess that if you're rich, stupid you and don't mind to pay over $100 every moth on subscriptions, you don't mind paying an extra $2 a month to manage them.

Tobey Phillips - last year

42 devices connected to my tv

Aeons of Blight - last year

I got 4 of these for $2 lmao. Amazon codes boiiii

Kenzer 161 - last year

If I want to search for content across a multiple services I can just use my PS4, It has all the services I use anyway.

Scott Macaluso - last year

I'm completely stoked about this. I bought one for my buddy for Christmas and he got one for me. To answer your question, I'm hooking up:
1) Cable Box
2) Chromecast 2018 Edition
3) Playstation 4
4) Nintendo Switch
I subscribe to Amazon Prime, Netflix & YouTube Premium

Ingwie Phoenix - last year

You almost got me sold…untill I realized that it does not have DVB-C 😐 … Thats kinda bad, because otherwise, this would have made a great replacement for my hub! Also…
PS VitaTV, PS3, PS4, XB360, Mac Mini (now a LInux fileserver)

Lee B - last year

just say ok assistant as a place holder.

SkudaProductions - last year

No TV, but the Switch, N64, PS4 and PC are usually plugged into the Panasonic projector.

ethan applefeld - last year

it just seems like an expensive roku

Sadrudy L - last year

Junk. Mainly good for HDMI switching with remote control. Can't even start using it until you signup for one of their plan with a credit card.

Nick Paul - last year

@LinusGSebastian why would you complain about “all these remotes” when you have a samsung Q9 with the “One Remote” that does everything your caavo does..? If you want to voice search for a show your remote has a voice button and it takes you directly to the app that show you’re looking for is on.

Ryan Aegis - last year

I pay for Prime. My friend pays for netflix. I play them through my Wii U as it still does not require a subscription to get online. Before that I had them on my xbox 360, but when I stopped paying that subscription I had to move all my accounts over. I also use the youtube app a lot, but don't pay anything.
And these universal remotes are worthless to me. I have everything running through an onkyo receiver into a bose surround sound system and viewsonic projector. I have yet to find a remote that is so universal as to cover those.

andrew griesel - last year

I have the original caavo, and I actually use all the ports. I never thought I would use more than the three on the back of my tv, but when I got this I was happily mistaken.

I have my PC, Xbox one x, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, roku 4k, switch, Wii and n64 classic all pluged in and running sound to a 5.1 sound system.

And although I don't use the search feature (I might try it now) I definitely can imagine going back.

bdavie69 - last year

I need 6 to 8 devices. 4 is not enough. Streaming, Apple TV, Nvidia Shield etc.

Kristin Asker - last year

We have so many! this is why im not sure about the caavo because we have: PS4, Switch, Apple TV right now. Plus a bose soundbar. Plus I would like to connect all my older consoles too! PLUS i so wish they had multi room suport! So that I could connect all of my devices in one room, living room, and then get another one that i could stream those devices to in another room, like the bedroom. Hoping they will add that functionality! 😀 It would be awesome to play games and watch videos in bed without having all of the devices fit somewhere in the bedroom. Also what about apple home kit suport, it doesn't seem to exist for it yet ether! But im hoping for that in the future too. Cool device though! thanks for the tip 🙂

akruz 52 - last year

It sounded cool until the $2 subscription fee. I don't need more subscriptions.

nccrawford - last year

A lot of obnoxious comments below. MANY people over 50 just don't want to switch inputs or understand what they are doing. I've got TiVo, Fire TV, Roku 4k, and Apple TV- all of which can run into this and I never have to remind my girlfriend that she's got to switch inputs (yes, insert joke here) I prefer different boxes for different services and features. I MIGHT try Caavo. If you are so sure you don't need it because your device of choice does everything you think this does, fine, but lay off the folks who are interested. You might be pleasantly surprised if you tried something different…

Jon Buffington - last year

tbh this is kinda made for me tho. i have two libraries that cannot be dumped into my plex server so this actually helps bridge that gap between devices for me

jaackasss32 - last year

Dude has a hardon? Lol

Fredrick Tuso - last year

One device, fire tv 4k. Blu-Rays get ripped from my PC to my network share in the closet and streams through the Plex server on my domain controller.

Ganze Welt - last year

Four ports is an issue
The TV with most external connections in my house has via a Yamaha 5+1:

Mac Mini

Apple TV

N Wii
N Switch




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