YouTube THUMBNAILS Disappearing! - WAN Show June 29 2018

YouTube THUMBNAILS Disappearing! – WAN Show June 29 2018

YouTube THUMBNAILS Disappearing! – WAN Show June 29 2018

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Timestamps courtesy of JJMC89.

00:11:07 – NVIDIA G-Sync HDR module adds $500 to monitor pricing

00:18:12 – YouTube thumbnails
00:27:18 – LTX18
00:30:05 – Sponsor: PIA
00:31:00 – [Rumor] i9 coming to Z390
00:35:15 – NVIDIA’s new reviewer NDA
00:42:56 – VR gloves
00:44:35 – Mavericks
00:50:47 – Google’s gaming platform
00:54:31 – Android Messages for web
00:56:06 – Corsair acquiring ElGato Gaming
00:58:13 – Halo TV series to begin filming in 2019

Ian Zainea - last year

I might grab float plane just for scrapyard wars lol

Havnar - last year

on the mmfps subject: years ago I enjoyed guns of icarus online a lot, they did the blackwake thing first

Vyrisus - last year

"New garbage is still garbage."

Amen, Linus. When I first started playing games on PC way back when, I initially bought lower-end cards like the Radeon 9200 and x1300, until one day I stepped up to the gloriousness of the 7950GT that was on sale at Best Buy. From that point on I've never used a low-end card again. The difference is just too massive, and I myself would just rather not game at all rather than waste money on a card that can barely run anything anyway. Luckily, the present-day market is so flooded with used cards from previous gens that there really is no good reason to buy a new shitty low-end card.

Stephen Lozada - last year

The really weird thing is that I’m 32 years old have had bad ass set ups and I have never had gsync The closest thing I have is my gs 65 stealth

Stephen Lozada - last year

The auto generated won in that first one and the second one the purple and the third the blue one basically all the ones with effects

Stephen Lozada - last year

44:22 when Luke acts like he’s a real boxer

madzoran - last year

Luke wearing Tsuki T-shirt! i always knew this guy has great taste for fashion

tsartomato - last year

blizzard always had the worst cinematics in all the games
take wc3 you play as skinny ork fighting red horny demon, then they show you dumb movie about giant fat buff ork fighting orange fat demon

Leon Kowarschick - last year

It would be a good idea for youtube to force auto-generated Thumbnails on Youtubers that are especially Click-baity. Because, lets face it, youtube HAS a problem with Clickbait. I think making it more about the Video itself again would help youtubers with better Content grow again,.. because wtf the popular ones are kinda shit at times. Famous for their Thumbnails and titles.

Leon Kowarschick - last year

Youtube should make it possible for viewers to disable Custom Thumbnails. So People that don't want to get affected by clickbait can just opt-out of it ;D

Dylan S - last year


John Hanlon - last year

Cloud gaming will happen but not very fast, millions of gamers in the US and elsewhere still have shitty internet that cannot handle this sort of thing

Kyle Berry - last year

Luke, cut a hole in the back of a cheap pair of boxing gloves and just wear them over the vr gloves

ajdoesgaming - last year

“Why the actual ballsack” Removed future sponsorship

Theo Hallenius - last year

Youtube does whatever it wants, I don't understand how people still stand it.

joseph gecho - last year


Sam Abraham Assareymuriyil - last year

Luke has a Pewdiepie and Marzia merch

Shalmon Anandas - last year

Luke has a tsuki shirt. I smell a pewdiepie fan here

Larry Gall - last year

"We are not removing your ability to make thumbmails"… But apparently they are removing your ability to have them seen. Yet more liberal bias. If you don't share lib views, they do everything possible to shut you up. This is what happens when Google buys something. The success of Youtube is the credit of it's original creators. The negatives are Google's "credit".

Larry Gall - last year

The solution is the same for monetization, censorship and liberal bias.. We need another venue. I'd like to see people move channels to "Full30 dot com", since it's very close to Youtube as it is now, and you can have anyone advertise (alcohol, tobacco or even bullets). The gun channels went to this when liberal bias against the U.S. constitution tried to stifle the 2nd amendment. If you don't think (America's) 1st amendment is under attack as well.. then your eyes are closed. It's a good idea to set up a parallel channel over there and have it ready for the day that will certainly come.

Robert Brown - last year

I don't know if anyone else has done that math, but 0.3% of views on this video alone (at the time of commenting, the video has 358,940 views) would equal 1,076.82 people (if I'm doing my math right)

TheVoxxification - last year

This channel is why I want auto generated thumbnails

Electroblade - last year

I got a default thumbnail on this

NvrUseYur RealName - last year

LOVE the SNL reference @ 7:27! XD

Andrew Copple - last year

So was Friendly non-murdering sort Ryan Haywood or a fan? My guess is the latter.

Grimm Creole - last year

where the soundcloud link at?

delano88888 - last year

49:24, wow Linus, not cool. Don't do that to your wife or she'll be pissed 😉

Joe G.P. - last year

i'm almost 2 months behind, damn

caddilacbob - last year

hehe, they start talking about how great it would be to have lcd keycaps integrated into a keyboard, i just look down at my SWTOR limited edition keyboard from razer

kairon156 - last year

I'm on an old BenQ monitor with 50,000:1 screen at 60Hz and the show looks fine to me.
As a teen I couldn't get my audio working and it turned out I had a setting turned way down which took me longer to notice than it should have.

CAPGames - last year

they should just remove all custom thumbnail and auto generate the thumbnail and at the same time, they should ban key words from video titles, hell they should just go all out anti clickbait

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