Zungle Sunglasses Provide a New Kind of Music Experience

Zungle Sunglasses Provide a New Kind of Music Experience

Construction of Zungle's bluetooth sunglasses Headphones and speakers are great, but they can be a pain when you’re trying to listen to music in a public place. Headphones can be bulky or hard to manage if you’re on the go, and speakers are not a realistic option in a place where other people would also be forced to listen to your music. The company Zungle has come up with a solution: headphones cleverly disguised as sunglasses.

While this concept is not a new one, Zungle’s execution of it is revolutionary. Most sunglasses with bluetooth headphone capabilities still have an earpiece, which obviously blocks the wearer’s ears and alters the look of the sunglasses. Zungle is unique because it does not use any kind of earpiece. Instead, it uses bone conduction technology. Sound travels through vibrations, which is why bone conduction works; the wearer’s skull becomes the conductor. Zungle uses two tiny motors seamlessly placed on either side of the glasses to send vibrations through your skull, which comes out like sound in your ears. The sound quality is very similar to headphones, but without the added hassle of blocking your ears. The device also uses bluetooth, which means that you can use it to answer phone calls as well as listen to music.

One of the greatest things about Zungle is that it gives people functionality and advanced tech without forcing them to sacrifice style. The glasses look like regular sunglasses and come in a variety of colors. They also weigh only 45 grams, which is less than most regular sunglasses. In addition, charging them for an hour (through the very discreet built-in USB port) allows for up to 4 hours of music. These glasses would be perfect for anything from a day at the beach to everyday commuting.

Currently, Zungle is only on Kickstarter. However, it has already surpassed its fundraising goal of $50,000 by a significant amount, which means it will likely go into production soon.


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