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Dude Drives Automobile Into Middle Of River Due to the fact GPS Instructed Him To


This male followed his GPS which led him straight into a river and the complete point is completely ridiculous. 

Satellite navigation can be doubtful at the most effective of situations, but to wholly disregard your widespread perception and plough knowingly into a river is something else entirely…

An unknown person in East China made the decision to move fate in excess of to his GPS sat nav, with pretty disastrous repercussions, in accordance to Mashable.

For some rationale  – in all probability most effective regarded to himself – the male, driving a white Hyundai followed his sat nav’s ill advice and drove straight into a river in Anhui.

What’s even far more bizarre is the person didn’t stop when he hit the h2o, he carried on going further more into the river…

Absolutely the moment you realised you ended up in the vicinity of any form of massive stretch of h2o you’d stop and re-work out your route – even far more so if what you’re confronted with is an real full-flowing river…

Not this male though, he carried on driving on alongside the watery highway, as if the complete point was completely standard and without a care in the earth.

Bizarrely he told nearby county police ‘he was just following his GPS, and did not realise that the dirt path he was on was primary to h2o.’

Correct. As you do then.

I just fall short to comprehend why you would allow this happen…

This is why you should not trust sat navs, but then once more, I wouldn’t trust this guy’s orienteering skills either…


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