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Why Coolpad Conjr is Your next Smart Phone Solution in 2017

last month

Facebook | Instagram | Amazon | Newegg Coolpad is a brand that has been in the US since 2012. The Coolpad brand recently launched a smartphone called the Coolpad Conjr. It is the brands first steps in having unlocked phones from its brand in the US. The phone has very decent specifications for a phone […]

Where to Get The Awesome Le Pro3 Ecophone [Cyber Monday Deals]

a few months ago

We often wonder where people get those super cool phones that work just as well as other big brands. Le Pro3 has everything you may need from extra storage space, super sturdy screen, cost effective and so much more. Not many people may know but in 2015 LeMall released it’s first phone in 2015 and […]

IPhone 7 – Apple Keynote Presentation September 7th Details

6 months ago

Apple has declared that it is going to be holding a particular keynote event on September 7, as the business is expected to unveil the coming iPhone as speculations surrounding the iPhone 7 continues to heighten. The keynote is scheduled to take place at 10 a.m. PDT, as you’ll be able to view the demonstration […]

Science Is a Step Closer to being able to cure Tourette’s syndrome

10 months ago

Tourettes syndrome is a life changing condition characterized by sudden involuntary movements and vocalizations. The symptoms of the disorder can be first observed during childhood and with the correct procedure, it can be contained or suppressed temporarily. The disease afflicts people from all walks of life and can be life-threatening to some individuals. Some research […]

Drone Balances Glass While Flipping in Air !

10 months ago

As the age of robots is upon us one video has dropped into our laps that shows the potential of drones. In the video below you can view a drone being able to balance a glass of orange soda on a table like platform connected to it. Seems pretty simple, except the drone does multiple […]

This 2016 Backpack Opens at the Touch of a Button

10 months ago

Outside product specialist The North Face is set to drop a brand new backpack having a spring loaded area that’s opened by a push of a button. Weighing at just over four pounds, the “Access Pack” has a main area full of pockets specifically made for electronics, a flexible foam body, along with a tough […]

PICTAR Transforms Your Iphone Into A Professional Camera

10 months ago

The times where you needed another camera for higher quality use, at least alongside your telephone, are over. If you possess a need to create high-quality pictures, for work, or your just an expert photographer on the go, Pictar grants you improvements beyond comprehension. Your iPhone can now become a system that gets fairly near […]

Ever Wonder How The Auroras Are Viewed From Space?!

11 months ago

Something this remarkable should be seen by everyone. The Norther and Southern lights appear incredible when seen in the International Space Station. NASA has launched a brand new NASA TV UHD sequence, which they’re using to obtain ultra-HD videos. Whilst the world is fully engaged in space research, NASA remains in the front of interstellar […]

Flyboard Air can actually fly!

11 months ago

The Flyboard Air may be the newest attraction from German jetski champ Franky Zapata. Run by four turbo motors, a portable throttle along with a program of intricate stabilizing methods controls the Flyboard Air. Within the promotional video, Zapata is observed traveling above what appears like a little river. The Flyboard seems to land the […]

VR Painters is now a thing! Experience the creation of master pieces from your home!

11 months ago

The Tilt brush by Google has been featured through demonstrations VIA the HTC-Vive, and today the organization is getting a broader market using the aid of some significant designers. Digital Art sessions (Tilt brush) is a brand new VR experience developed by Google that’ll enable audiences to see digital pieces of art made from the […]

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