VR Painters is now a thing! Experience the creation of master pieces from your home!

The Tilt brush by Google has been featured through demonstrations VIA the HTC-Vive, and today the organization is getting a broader market using the aid of some significant designers. Digital Art sessions (Tilt brush) is a brand new VR experience developed by Google that’ll enable audiences to see digital pieces of art made from the artist’s viewpoint.

Six designers from various parts of the world have been working hard to provide a unique experience. Sheryo & Yok, Christoph Niemann, Andrea Blasich, Katie Rodgers, Seung Yul Oh, and automotive idea custom Harald Belker. They have been employed by Google to produce digital artwork utilizing Tilt Brush that may be seen straight within the Chrome browser. You can view the works from any position, including in the artist’s standpoint.

Tilt Brush has already set high standards among the applications that may indeed show the potential of digital reality, and mixing that engineering with a group of highly-respected designers will probably help improve the end results of Tilt Brush.

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