If You Get This Message On Whatsapp, Delete It Promptly


If you get a information promising you brand new colors for Whatsapp then ignore it, it’s a scam.

In accordance to the i100 scammers are sending messages that look like they’re from Whatsapp.com, but are in actuality from шһатѕарр.com (the crafty swine are employing Cyrillic letters), promising end users new functions for the well-liked messaging application.

Must you be silly sufficient to go to the connection you will get a information indicating ‘New colors for WhatsApp, now you can adjust your WhatsApp and leave it your favourite colours’ alsong with information that the update is available for  iOS, Windows, Apple, and Blackberry.

We’re guessing the scammers really don’t realise iOS and Apple are the similar point.

The internet site will then ask you to share it with twelve mates (for the reason that which is standard practise for a web site) for verification. The moment you have been confirmed the scammers reveal that the ‘feature’ only is effective on desktop and you will need an extension.

However the extension, ‘BlackWhats’, doesn’t unlock dazzling new vibrant chats for you and your mates all, it does is give them malware.

Google have reportedly taken out the extension now to check out and reduce other individuals from currently being affected.


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