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Average cost of less than $1,000 per video

Platnium : $4,000

4 Videos / Month
48hr Turnaround
Mini Kit
0.5 TB Storage
Dedicated AM
Creative Support

Professional : $6,000

8 Videos / Month
24hr Turnaround
Mini Kit
1 TB Storage
Dedicated AM
Creative Support
Dedicated Editors

Enterprise : $10,000

16 Videos / Month
24hr Turnaround
Mini Kit
2 TB Storage
Dedicated AM
Creative Support
Dedicated Editors

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Video Production Costs reinvented with ​Rare Norm

​Traditional video production agencies routinely charge upwards of $5,000 (sometimes $25,000) per video. And we should know – ​Rare Norm was born from high-end video, where just calling out a crew plus gear, talent and the rest could cost more than that initial number alone! And sure, it might make sense for a skiing commercial in ​Boston… But a simple CEO piece to camera video? Not so much.

​We had clients coming to us, wanting to do more with less of their marketing budgets. Video content was becoming king, but nobody had any answers to the age-old equation of speed + quality + cost. So we went to work, designing a solution to help our clients scale their videos in a high-quality, cost-effective way. And that’s when ​Rare Norm was born…

Today, we’ve reinvented video production costs by replacing the camera crew with content creators we train: your employees! We’ve swapped the elitist gear for a hand-selected, easy-to-use ​Rare Norm Kit to give you everything you need to shoot high-quality video content.

And because people’s #1 challenge was, and still is, always-on video (i.e. ‘pull’ content that’s discoverable via search, as well as reactive content that’s topical and agile), we’ve built our model around Google’s ‘Hub’ and ‘Help’-style content, which is episodic, evergreen and easy to produce.

All in a convenient subscription, with an average cost of less than $1,000 per video. Oh – and there’s one more thing: we edit and return your videos in 24 hours.

​What is in Rare Norm(s) Kit?

  • ​Sony A7 II DSLR camera
  • an SD card
  • an iPad Air autocue / teleprompter
  • a tripod
  • an LED light
  • a GorillaPod
  • lapel microphones
  • a transmitter
  • a receiver
  • in-ear headphones (plus batteries and cables)
  • in an impact-resistant Nanuk case